Flexion-Distraction Technique

About: Flexion-Distraction Technique

Flexion-Distracton (F/D) Technique is a non-invasive and effective means of treating several types of lower back injuries. It comprises of lumbar flexion (bending slightly forward at the waist), and distraction (mechanical traction). This is done with the patient lying on their stomach (prone) and utilizes a specially designed table.

Difficult cases such as lumbar disk herniations and bulges, and spinal stenosis as well as common injuries resulting from osteoarthritis can be managed effectively. Sensitive cases including osteoporosis can also be treated with F/D instead of traditional chiropractic manipulative therapy.

Dr. Rahman has been certified in flexion-distraction since 1998. We are proud to say that our clinic has been one of the first in our region to use flexion-distraction.